General Guidelines

1 College timings 8:30 am to 4:30 pm .

2 All students and staff should be present in the college before 8:30am.

3 Staffs should do biometrics before 8:30pm & after 4:30pm

4 Students and staffs should compulsorily wear ID CARDS.

5 Students should maintain discipline in college campus.

6 Students must maintain more than 85% attendance.

7Staff and students must follow the college dress code.

Laboratory Safety instruction (Do’s and Dont’s)


1 Conduct yourself in a responsible manner all the times in the laboratory.

2 Read all the instructions carefully and plan your work.

3 Follow the written lab procedure.

4 Occupy allotted system.

5 Push in your chairs as you leave.

6 Respect college property and people.


1 Don’t  alter the hardware of the machine in ways.

2 Don’t install any software without prior permission.

3 Pendrive , microphones ,card reader, memory sticks are strictly prohibited

4 Don’t wear footwear inside the lab.

5 Don’t brose the internet without prior permission.

For Staff onlyLeave rules to be effective from 01.01. 2014

The regular employees of the institute are entitled to following types of leaves:

  1. Casual Leaves (CL)
  2. Sick Leave (SL)
  3. Privilege Leave (PL)
  4. Restricted Holiday (RH)
  5. Maternity Leave (ML)
  6. Compensatory Leave (CPL)
(A) Availing of Leaves

  1. These leave rules will apply for all regular employees.
  2. No leave can be claimed as a matter of right by an employee.
  3. Discretion is reserved with the authority empowered to grant leave, to refuse or revoke grant of leave at any time according to exigencies of work.
  4. Leave can be availed only after getting sanctioned by the granting authority.

(B) Casual Leave (CL)

  1. Total CL granted should not exceed 12 (Twelve) days in a year.
  2. CL cannot be availed for more than 3 (Three) days together at any given time and with a minimum of 1/2 (Half) ) day.
  3. CL cannot be combined with any other leave other than with an intervening Sunday or an authorized holiday.
  4. Where CL is combined with Sunday or any other authorized holiday, the total period of absence from duty at any particular time should not exceed continuous 7 (Seven) days. Specific permission is required for combining CL with a Sunday or any other authorized holiday.
  5. CL is not a privilege. It is granted to an employee to meet personal exigencies.
  6. CL is not allowed to be carried forward to the subsequent years.
  7. Employees on Probationary/Contract/Part time/Temporary are eligible for 1 (One) day CL for a completed service of l(One) month.

(C) Sick Leave (SL)

  1. Total SL granted should not exceed 03 (Three) days in a year.
  2. SL shall be availed as CL is availed.
  3. SL is not allowed to be carried forward to the subsequent years.
  4. Employees on Probationary/Contract/Part time/Temporary are not eligible for SL.

(D) Privilege Leave (PL)

  1. PL is computed at the rate of 20 (Twenty) days for each completed year of service.
  2. Employees who are entitled for vacation are not entitled for PL.
  3. Principal/AO/HOD’s of various units 85 departments, administrative employees, non teaching, technical 85 non technical staffs are considered to be non vacation-staff and are entitled for PL.
  4. 10 days PL is credited to the employees leave account at the end of every semester vacation i.e at the beginning of new semester i.e. twice in an academic year.
  5. Sundays and authorized holidays intervening during the period of leave will be treated as PL.
  6. Employees on Part time basis/Temporary/Contract are not entitled for PL.
  7. Employees who are on probationary are entitled to PL, but can be availed only after completed service of One year.
  8. A maximum of 20 (Twenty) days and a minimum of 3 days PL can be availed at asingle stretch.
  9. The duration of PL should be such as may be considered necessary by thesanctioning authority on each occasion

(E) Restricted Holiday (RH)

  1. A maximum of 2(two) days in a year can be availed by all employees on the holidays approved Board of Management.

(F) Maternity Leave (ML)

  1. Maternity leave is granted to woman employees on regular pay roll.
  2. Contract/Temporary/ Probationary/ Part time women employees are not entitled for ML.
  3. ML may be availed upto 3(Three) calendar months including prenatal and post natal periods.
  4. ML is limited to first two children.
  5. Prior approval is a must for availing ML.
  6. Maternity leave may be combined with vacation or any other kind of leave. Such leave not exceeding sixty days may be granted without production of medical certificate.

(G) Compensatory Leave (CPL)

  1. CPL will be granted only if the services of a particular staff are utilized during holidays.
  2. The same has to be recommended by the Head of the unit where the services are utilized and has to be approved by the Principal.
  3. The CPI, has to be availed within one month of sanctioned date; else it will get lapsed automatically.
  4. The employees availing CPL should make the alternative arrangements as done in case of availing CL.
  5. CPI, Nv i 1 I not get accumulated or carried forward.

(H)    Leave on Loss of Pay (LOP)

  1. Lop is not a matter of right
  2. During the period of LOP, the employee is not entitled for any pay and allowance.
  3. if the emplovee fails to report to duty on the specified date after the sanctioned LOP, it is deemed that the employee has abandoned his/her service with the organization on their own accord.
  4. LOP can be implicated on disciplinary grounds with regard to attendance by the management regardless to the availability of the other types of leave.
  5. LOP days will not be taken for PL eligibility.

(I)    Cancellation of Leave

  1. The department head can also  cancel the once sanctioned leave on situational/need basis.
  2. If an employee proceeds to avail the cancelled leave then those days will be treated as absence from duty.Extension Of Leave

(I)    Extension of Leave

  1. As it is necessary to get prior approval for leave , so it is also for extension.
  2. The employee has to apply to the respective department head for extension of leave well in advance and get it sanctioned.
  3. In case an employee over stays, the unsanctioned leave will be treated as LOP.

(K) Absence from duty

  1. When an employee takes off from duty without prior leave approval or proper intimation under certain unavoidable circumstances, then those day/swill be treated as absence from duty.
  2. The days of absence will be treated as LOP.
  3. The employee has to take permission from the Head of the institute before resuming duties, with valid reasoning.
  4. If an employee is absent from duty continuously for more than 7 days , an intimation to report back to duty will be issued.
  5. If there is no reply or don’t rejoin for the duty as mentioned in the intimation letter, it is presumed that the employee has withdrawn self from the service and the employee will be terminated without any further notice.

(L) Accumulation of leaves

  1. The PL may be carried forward to the following year and accumulated upto total period of 90 days.
  2. All other leaves except PL at the credit of the employees will lapse at the end of the calendar year and will not be carried forward to next year.
  3. In case of employees on Probationary/Contract/Part time /Temporary who are eligible for I. (One) day CL for a completed service of 1(One) month, CL can carried forward until they complete One year of service.

(M)  Leave during Notice Period:

  1. Employees who had given notice of resignation are not entitled to avail any kind of leave.
  2. No leaves will be adjusted to notice period given by the employee for getting relieved from the institution.

(N)   Leave Recommending & Sanctioning Authority

  1. The recommending and sanctioning authorities of various leaves as mentioned.