Dr. Pushpa B V
Asst. Professor  & HOD

Department of Mathematics

The department of Mathematics was started in the year 2001. The department is headed by Mrs. Pushpa B V, who has seventeen years of teaching experience and associated with the institution from 2004. She has completed her M. Sc (Mathematics) in the year 2000 from Bangalore University, Bangalore and M. Phil degree in the year 2009 from VMU, Tamilnadu. Currently she is carrying out her research under Visvesvaraya Technological University and submitted thesis which is leading to Ph. D degree. Her area of interest is Fluid Mechanics. She has published and presented her research papers in national/ international Journals and conferences.

The department is having nine well qualified and experienced staff, some of them are pursuing their Ph.D degree under Visvesvaraya Technological University and the staffs are actively involving in curriculum and co-curriculum activities. The primary focus of the department is to impart the strong knowledge of Mathematics for the students to excel in their core domain.






Faculty, Department of Mathematics


Pushpa B V

M.Sc., M. phil, Ph.D

Asst. Professor & HOD



Kiran S    

M.Sc., M. Phil., M.Tech., (Ph.D)   

Asst. Professor



Bhavya N P

M.Sc., (Ph.D)   

Asst. Professor




Bindu M G

M.Sc., (Ph.D) 

Asst. Professor





M.Sc., (Ph.D)    

Asst. Professor




Roopa K R


Asst. Professor

   Santosh H C


Santhosh H C

M.Sc., B.Ed

Asst. Professor


Nandini B J


Asst. Professor


Kowshik H N


Asst. Professor

NameCapacityEquipment, machines, tools, hardware, software
Communication/Advanced Communication Lab 26 per batch CRO(Analog)
Power Supply(dual)
Microstrip+ Accessories
IC Tester
LCR Meter
5 KVA Servo stabilizer
AM Transmitter
AM Receiver
AEC Lab 26 per batch

Signal Generator 3MHz
Regulated Power Supply with multi output (0 – 30V)
Agilent DSO 1052B (50MHz)

DSP / Microcontroller/Microprocessor 26 per batch DSP: DSP starter KitTMS320c6711with CCS
DSP starter KitTMS320c6713with CCS
Mat lab 7.0 simulink6.0(10 users)
Microcontroller: MCB 51 microcontroller kits with power supply
Keyboard interfacing kits
Seven segment display interfacing kits
Dual DAC interface kits
Stepper motor interface kits
DC Motor interface kits
Elevator interface kits
TXDR Interfacing kits(MP)
Logic controller interface
PCI Addon card 48 lines
I/O card
HDL/VLSI /LD Lab 26 per batch

VLSI: Mentor graphics – EDA tool(25 users); HP proliant server with 500GB HDD; ARM- Cortex m3 with accessories

HDL: Xilinx 7.1;
CM-640 chipmax pattern
Generator and logic analyser
Universal multivendor development kit with down loading cable, power supply
Interfacing kit(Spartan-3)
Universal multivendor development kit with down loading cable, power supply
Interfacing kit(Spartan-2)
Veriton intel core i3(3.3Ghz);2 GB DDR3
500GBHDD,DVD ROM, winpro OS

LD:20 trainer kits+2 Digital IC tester

PE Lab 26 per Batch CRO Power Scope
5KVA Servo Voltage stabilizer
DC Regulated Power Supply
Digital hand held Tachometer
Induction Motor
DC Motor
Single Phase Isolation Transformer
Single Phase Auto Transformer
Single Phase converter firing circuit
Single Phase bridge converter firing circuit
Single Phase bridge converter firing circuit (New module)
DC Chopper firing circuit
Digital firing circuit
SCR,TRIAC,MOSFET,IGBT Charcteristic Unit
Series Inverter
Parallel Inverter
Single Phase full controlled converter module
Single Phase half controlled converter module
Forced Commutation Circuit
SCR DC Chopper Power circuit
HVDC power supply (300v)
DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal / EventPublisher / Organiser
2012 Natural convection in a vertical annulus with a baffle on the inner wall        Pushpa B V, M Sankar, and BMR Prasanna International journal of Mathematics and Computational methods in Science and Technology, Vol 2, No 5, 2012. Pp 1-9.    Vol 2, No 5,     1-9  
2012 Numerical study of Natural Convection in a vertical Annular enclosure with Sinusoidal Temperature Distribution on a side wall             Kiran S, M Sankar International journal of Research and Reviews in Applicable Mathematics and Computer Science,    Vol2, No2  
May 2011 Effect of velocity slip on flow of Newtonian fluid flow in an eccentric annulus        Jayaprakash M C,  Indira R International Journal of Mathematical Science and Engineering Applications (IJMSEA),     Vol. 5, No.III    403-410.  
2011 Unsteady two phase flow in a doubly connected region  
Jayaprakash M C , Indira R International Journal of Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics    Vol. 4 No. 3    147-154.  
May 2014

Total  Outer  Equitable  Connected  Domination  of  a  Graph

Jayaprakash M C, Deepak Journal    International Journal of Mathematics Trends and  Technology,    Vol.9 , No.II    141-144   
2014  Complementary  Tree  Equitable  Domination  Number  Of  A  Graph      Jayaprakash M C, Deepak International  Journal  of  Mathematical  Archieve    Vol 5 (5)    75-77   

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