Department of ECE organised a 3 day workshop on ARM7 for 7th semester students on 16th, 17th and 18th September 2016.


            The objective of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for students to get aware of ARM7 thereby developing a stepping stone towards the development of an Embedded System.

The workshop aimed at helping the students of final year in improving their technical skills in embedded domain as education is incomplete without IT today. This workshop will cover the aspects of embedded system design, applications, and current scenario in the industry. The main theme of this workshop is the hands on training on ARM 7 processor. Its architecture, instruction set and programmer’s model will be demonstrated with the popular C language in windows platform. The course was practical oriented. In this workshop participants worked directly on the ARM7 platform and developed programs for various interfaces and run them on the ARM 7 hardware.


Date: 17.09.2016 to 19.09.2016 (3 Days)

Venue: DSP and HDL Lab, Faraday block, SCE

Coordinated by: Prof. Vani V and Prof. Vani A

In Association with: M/S V&V Technologies, Bengaluru.

Total Number of Participants: 58